Btactical Workshop Presentation

The third installment of BTactical workshops garnered support from from Deerfield Beach residents for the upcoming Btactical project. Thank you to everyone who participated to continue moving this tactical urbanism project in the City of Deerfield Beach forward. 

The Broward MPO is committed to engage the community in the implementation of transportation projects and we're excited to announce that 2021 marked the year for the BMPO to launch the Tactical Urbanism Program, #BTactical.

This program focuses on implementing Quick-Build projects to improve Broward’s Roadway Network. #BTactical strengthens partnerships with local governments and engages community members and stakeholders to help shape the scope of projects throughout the implementation process. The MPO’s inaugural Quick-Build project will be implemented along NE 3rd Avenue in the City of Deerfield Beach. The Tactical Urbanism Program provides a way to better understand local needs and desires from people who live and travel along different corridors.

The Broward MPO, in partnership with the City of Deerfield Beach, conducted the second workshop on Thursday, August 26, 2021 to discuss design options for the implementation of the tactical urbanism project expected to be installed in Novemeber 2021. Commissioners Michael Hudak and Todd Drosky, City of Deerfield Beach Police Department, City of Deerfield Beach and MPO Staff met at the Highlands Community Center to discuss design options with Tedder neighborhood residents that address concerns to improve NE 3rd Avenue that will increase visibility of pedestrians, cyclist and drivers on the road and provide a safer environment for all. Thank you to all of the city representatives, residents, representatives from South Florida Commuter Services, Broward County and AARP who participated in the design selection process and offered guidance to what they would like to see implemented in their commuinty. 

In addition to being presented design alternatives, participants were informed about the timeline of the project and upcoming opportunities to be involved in the implementation process.

Prior to the August 26 design proposal workshop, two previous public events have been held to involve the community. The kick-off Walk & Talk event was held on Saturday, June 5 at the Highlands Community Center and a virtual option for those who couldn't attend in person was held on Wednesday, June 9. 

For a recording of the Virtual Workshop from June 9, CLICK HERE. 

Check out a recap video from the June 5 Walk & Talk event below! To learn more about the Walk & Talk event, check out

Be part of the transformation! Visit  to learn more about the Pilot project in the City of Deerfield Beach and upcoming workshops.

Special thanks to our partners and local businesses that participated and assisted in the organization of this workshop, The Fruitful Field, Broward Health North, Streets Plans Collaborative, Kimley Horn, HDR Inc., MRG Miami, and  Urban Health Partnerships.

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