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On Friday, September 20 the Broward MPO participated in the City of Fort Lauderdale’s annual PARKing Day event in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. PARKing Day is a global event held on the third Friday of September. Its purpose is to bring residents together by transforming the on-street parking spaces into temporary public places such as pop-up parks. The event challenges us to rethink the ways our streets and urban spaces are used and raises awareness for the importance of creating walkable, livable, and healthy communities.

This year the Broward MPO showcased a buffered bicycle lane. A buffered bicycle lane lies within the roadway and is separated from motor vehicle traffic by landscaping or a stripe painted on the road with an additional stripe painted beyond its outer edge (on one or both sides) that indicates the beginning of the motor vehicle lane or parking area. The bike lane sparked the conversation of “how can we get buffered bike lanes in our neighborhood”? This provided an opportunity for MPOers Anthea Thomas, Khyra Everette, and Stephanie Garcia to speak about the Broward MPO, what we do, the Complete Streets Initiative, and how to get involved. This was the second year the Broward MPO participated in PARKing Day and we are looking forward to next year!