Project Development

Design a locally supported conceptual design for the segment of Miramar Parkway, from SW 172nd Avenue to Dykes Road, that provides safe and comfortable bicycle and pedestrian facilities.(1 mile in length)


What are the goals and objectives?

  • Enhanced bicycle and pedestrian safety – eliminate fatalities and serious injuries 
  • Increase Walkability and Accessibility– i.e. comfort, ease of use, ADA compliance 
  • Promote higher rates of walking and bicycling from local, daily-use roadway users, in direct replacement of driving. Convert daily traffic into non-motorized transportation users. 
  • Increased Connectivity from residential areas and side streets to local points of interests, such as shopping, restaurants, etc. – a need which is met by more frequent, midblock crossings 
  • Construct a separated sidewalk and bicycle path that convenes into a shared use path when needed due to ROW property lines, as well as existing curb. Also – careful not to infringe upon surrounding natural features  
  • Placemaking and Wayfinding Initiatives


On October 10, 2023, the MPO presented two alternative designs to the local community for input and feedback.
CLICK HERE to see the alternatives broken down by section.
See the corridor concept roll plots CLICK HERE

Resources and Documents:

Public Outreach Flyer
Sections Final
Roll Plots
Summary of Field Review Findings
Community Meeting #1 Summary

Broward Complete Streets Master Plan: