The Path to Vision 2100

What is Vision 2100?

The Path to 2100 is an aspirational vision conceived to facilitate a paradigm shift from the historical approach to growth, development, and transportation investments that are not achieving the desired outcomes for the community. With this vision, we are illustrating what that paradigm shift should look like and what the MPO and its partners can begin doing today to move the Broward region along the desired path to the year 2100.

To view the Broward Vision 2100 Plan, CLICK HERE.

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Broward Vision 2100 is characterized by:
  • 3 goals
  • 6 outcomes
  • 1 Call to Action in three areas

To view hightlights of this plan, visit:

Why Vision 2100?

Why do we need such a long-term vision? The reality is that we as a community and region have had limited success in responding to the challenges indicated above. The Broward Vision provides an opportunity for the MPO and its partners to take a more proactive approach to how we plan and manage growth and transportation investments.

Looking at the following components will propel us toward planning for 2100:

  • Challenges Facing the Region
  • Learning from Scenarios
  • Learning from Commnity
  • Shifting the Paradigm
  • Moving People & Goods

How can you get involved?

Bringing it all together for Vision 2100 starts with adopting the Vision, Leaving a Legacy and joining us and acceptiong the call to action.

The Call to Action is organized into three key areas—Policy, Funding, and Commitment.

  • Policy involves everything from supporting community growth and resiliencey to advancing new and emerging technologies.
  • Funding addresses items such as aligning transportation funding policy and focusing on corridor-based investment.
  • Commitment encompasses working collaboratively, securing commitment from partners, the MPO and champions and establishing a Vision 2100 Blue Ribbon Committee. If you are interested in more information on the Blue Ribbon Committee, CLICK HERE.


For More Information

Please contact Peter Gies at (954) 876-0048 or to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.