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The Broward MPO collects various types of data related to our region’s roadway network and makes this data available to both our partners and the public. This page offers access to our most recent roadway data in the form of static maps and Geographic Information System (GIS) files.

Traffic Data 

Archived Traffic Data

Archived Traffic Data
  • Level of Service Spreadsheet-2017 xls 
  • Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ) 2007 Map -- PDF 8mb/ GIS Data zip
  • Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ) 2000 Map -- PDF 6mb/ GIS Data zip
  • Level of Service Spreadsheet-2013 xls
  • Level of Service Spreadsheet-2012 xls
  • Level of Service Spreadsheet-2011 xls
  • Level of Service Spreadsheet-2010 xls
  • Level of Service Spreadsheet-2009 xls

Federal Functional Classification

The Federal Functional Classification process attempts to group roadways into classes, or systems, according to the character of service they provide in the year of analysis. This process helps determine eligibility of roadways for funding under federal aid programs such as the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) emergency relief program.

GIS Data

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