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The Federal Functional Classification (FUNCLASS) process groups roadways into classes (freeways, arterials, collectors, etc.), or systems, based on the role they play in the overall roadway network. Roadway classes are determined based on factors such as traffic volume and access to other roadway classes. This process of classification helps determine eligibility of roadways for funding under federal aid programs such as the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) emergency relief program.

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Federal Aid Opportunities for Local Governmental Entities and Municipalities

Local governmental entities and municipalities can potentially benefit from federal emergency aid programs by changing the functional classification (funclass) of their roadways. Changes to a roadway’s functional class can be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for approval at any time within a decennial census cycle. However, it is essential to allocate appropriate resources for data collection to establish a roadway’s eligibility for the subsequent review and approval process. A review of the documents on this page should provide a better understanding.

Working Together to Reinforce the Regional Roadway Network

To better prepare for the unexpected and strengthen regional resilience against future disasters, the Broward MPO and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) are jointly performing an interim roadway functional class (funclass) assessment, with special emphasis placed upon public roads not currently eligible for federal aid funds from FHWA for disaster recovery and other purposes. Please contact the MPO staff member below if you have potential roadway candidates within your jurisdiction that you would want to include in this year’s interim assessment.

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