• Gregory Stuart

    Gregory Stuart

    Executive Director

    Gregory is responsible for all the functions under the direction of the Board of Directors and leads the Executive Management Team.

  • Bryan Caletka

    Bryan Caletka

    Director of Transportation & Human Resources

    Bryan acts as the liaison to the MPO Board, manages Surtax Services and assists with Federal and State Policy goals.

  • Christopher Bross

    Christopher Bross

    Contracts and Procurement Manager

    Responsible for overseeing the procurement process to ensure that acquisitions of goods and services are consistent with MPO’s policies.

  • Derek Brown

    Derek Brown

    Human Resources Manager

    Derek oversees the Human Resources Department and assists the Finance Department.

  • Mark R. Brown

    Mark R. Brown

    Senior Transportation Planner

    Mark provides technical transportation planning services to municipalities in Broward County.

  • Paul Calvaresi

    Paul Calvaresi

    Intergovernmental Manager

    Paul is responsible for monitoring, creating, and informing the board, partners and the public about transportation policies.

  • Juan D. Cañez

    Juan D. Cañez

    Data Services Associate Planner

    Juan is responsible for the organization’s IT services and the MPO’s Geographic Information System platform.

  • Jihong Chen

    Jihong Chen

    Project Programming Manager

    Jihong leads the development of Multimodal Priorities List and Transportation Improvement Program.

  • Amanda Christon

    Amanda Christon

    Transit Manager

    Amanda oversees regional transit projects, Mobility Hub program and Federal Transit Administration grants.

  • David Clark

    David Clark

    Executive Assistant

    David is responsible for assisting the organization with administrative functions.

  • Norma Corredor

    Norma Corredor

    Grants Manager

    Norma manages federal grants, serves as the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) coordinator and supports the Finance department.

  • James Cromar

    James Cromar

    Deputy Executive Director, Mobility Initiatives

    James oversees the teams responsible for the Broward MPO’s Mobility Hub Program, Complete Streets, CSLIP, and Transit Planning.

  • Renee L. Cross

    Renee L. Cross

    Director of Operations and Budget

    Renee is responsible for the Unified Planning Work Program (budget) and the day-to-day operations of the MPO.

  • William Cross

    William Cross

    Deputy Executive Director, Planning & Programming

    William leads the team of planners that develop the MPO core planning products in addition to the city services staff.

  • Carl Ema

    Carl Ema

    Administrative Services Manager

    Carl oversees administrative services including board & committee coordination, UPWP & maintaining compliance with state & federal certifications.

  • Paul Flavien

    Paul Flavien

    Data Services Manager

    Paul’s responsibilities include data services, freight planning, travel demand modeling and long-range and regional transportation planning.

  • Joseph Francis

    Joseph Francis

    Staff Accountant

    Joseph is responsible for supporting the financial operations of the Broward MPO. He plays an important role in facilitating accounting transactions.

  • Karen Friedman

    Karen Friedman

    Senior Transportation Planner

    Karen provides technical planning services to Broward cities & assists MPO efforts related to resiliency & sustainability and other initiatives.

  • Carmella George

    Carmella George

    Human Resources Coordinator

    Carmella is responsible for creating, updating and applying all HR policies and agency guidelines to ensure adherence to federal standards.

  • Peter Gies

    Peter Gies

    Systems Planning Manager

    Peter oversees the long-range planning (MTP) and short-range planning (TIP) products at the MPO including data analysis and performance measurement.

  • Ricardo S. Gutierrez

    Ricardo S. Gutierrez

    Mobility Program Manager

    Ricardo is responsible for managing the Broward MPO’s mobility program team and the Complete Streets Initiative.

  • Carol Henderson

    Carol Henderson

    Deputy Executive Director, Intergovernmental & Outreach

    Carol manages public and intergovernmental outreach strategies, plans, and initiatives to meet the agency’s local, state, and federal requirements,

  • Vilma Hurtado

    Vilma Hurtado

    Executive Assistant

    Vilma serve as the assistant to the Executive Director and manages the records retention program.

  • Adrian Liburd

    Adrian Liburd

    Accounting Manager

    Adrian oversees the Finance Department including finance, accounting and grants management.

  • Kerrie MacNeil

    Kerrie MacNeil

    CSLIP Manager

    Kerrie manages the Complete Streets and Other Local Initiatives Program (CSLIP).

  • Darci L. Mayer

    Darci L. Mayer

    Senior Transportation Planner

    Darci provides technical transportation planning services to municipalities in Broward County.

  • Roger Miranda

    Roger Miranda

    GIS Planner

    Roger analyzes and manages GIS data and creates interactive and static maps for the organization.

  • Ashley Mohni

    Ashley Mohni

    Communications Specialist

    Ashley develops communication strategies and campaigns to increase public involvement and meet the local, state, and federal requirements of the MPO.

  • Oscar Nelson

    Oscar Nelson

    Procurement Specialist

    Oscar is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services in accordance with MPO’S policies.

  • Fazal Qureshi

    Fazal Qureshi

    Transportation Engineering Project Manager

    Fazal assists with engineering support for planning and implementing Complete Streets projects throughout the County.

  • Christopher Restrepo

    Christopher Restrepo

    Principal Planner

    Christopher supports the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Multimodal Priorities List, and the Transportation Improvement Program.

  • Andrew Riddle

    Andrew Riddle

    City Services Manager

    Andrew is responsible for leading the MPO’s City Services Team, providing planning assistance to the MPO’s member governments.

  • Buffy C. Sanders II

    Buffy C. Sanders II

    Principal Planner

    Buffy handles traffic counts, right-of-way vacation reviews, and coordination for the TIGER grant Complete Streets projects.

  • Rebecca N. Schultz

    Rebecca N. Schultz

    Boards Coordinator

    Rebecca is responsible for planning, preparation, and execution of MPO Board, Advisory Committees, and other meetings as required.

  • Levi Stewart-Figueroa

    Levi Stewart-Figueroa

    Senior Transportation Planner

    Levi provides technical transportation planning services to municipalities in Broward & assists MPO efforts related to resiliency & sustainability.

  • Jose Vera

    Jose Vera

    Graphic Designer

    Jose is responsible for conceptualizing and producing graphic identities of projects, events, and general outreach of the MPO as a whole.

  • Alan Gabriel

    Alan Gabriel

    General Counsel

    Partner, Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman. Alan serves as general counsel for the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization