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Project Description 

The Sunrise Mobility Hub location was selected for a Master Plan to identify appropriate near-term MPO investments and long-term implementation strategies, based on its future role in the transit network and recent development and redevelopment activity that will impact future mobility needs.

The Sunrise Mobility Hub Master Plan reflects the following intentions of the Mobility Hubs initiative, which are both regional and local in scope.


  • Promote a variety of transportation choices that are convenient
  • Promote visibility and equity of alternative modes
  • Focus on locations where modes can seamlessly converge
  • Improve access to employment
  • Increase access to shops and amenities
  • Strengthen the social fabric


  • Invest in near-term priorities
  • Provide safe access to the multimodal network
  • Increase usage and visibility of the multimodal network
  • Activate the public realm
  • Align with local priorities
  • Support long-term strategies
  • Coordinate planning/design needs with 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Support mobility-friendly policies and standards for all users
  • Identify appropriate phasing
  • Formalize sponsor/partner commitments

General Location Map 

Sunrise Study Area Map

Resources and Documents

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For More Information

Please contact Paul Calvaresi at or (954) 876-0037 to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.