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The One-Way Pair

The following is a concept for a one-way pair to be considered in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. The two roads featured are: Andrews Avenue from North Flagler Drive to Southeast Seventeenth Street, and Third Avenue from North Flagler Drive to Southeast Seventeenth Street. Flagler Drive and Southeast Seventeenth Street would remain two-way streets.


Potential One-Way Pair

Map with Letters

Draft Typical Sections

3rd Ave A with letter

Andrews Ave B with letter

Andrews Ave C with letter



Increased Capacity Dedicated Transit Lane Cycle Track Wider Sidewalks
Less Signal Phases Intersection Queue Jump Buffered Lanes Urban Forrestry
On Street Parking Level Boarding Station    
Traffic Transit Bike Ped

Things to Consider

There is a lot to consider when proposing a more multimodal use to an existing roadway.
These are just a couple of things to start with. 

Things to Consider green

 Partner Involvement

All partners need to work together to deliver results. These partners include:

 Conveyor belt V2




What to Expect

A multimodal plan beginning with partners collaboratively working together to move cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders more efficiently and safely.

For More Information

Please contact Christopher Restrepo at (954) 876-0061 or to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.