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Etownhall meeting

The Broward MPO created Speak Up Broward as an interactive approach to public engagement. Through Speak Up Broward, the public has been able to voice their opinions on the transportation system. Over the past years, Speak Up Broward has utilized creative approaches, such as eTownHall meetings, to reach a much larger audience versus traditional public meetings. Thanks to these tools, the MPO was able to inform the public and raise awareness of the transportation planning process and the need for additional funding.

The Broward MPO’s goal has and always will be to improve all types of transportation in all areas of the County, with emphasis on providing more choices to get around. Without an increased local funding source, this task continues to be challenging. The expected money that will be available in the next 25 years will not suffice to cover maintenance of the existing system as well as new projects and improvements that arise because of the growing population. Through the Speak Up Broward effort, the MPO will continue to collaborate with the residents of Broward County to ensure the planning and funding decisions made by the MPO reflect our area’s priorities. The future success of transportation in Broward is established by voicing your opinion today.

What We're Up To

Building on past outreach efforts, Speak Up Broward is continuing to raise awareness of the importance of transportation in our community.

Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Broward MPO's Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), Commitment 2045 was adopted by the Board on Thursday, December 12, 2019. The MTP (also know as a Longe Range Transportation Plan-LRTP) guides investment in Broward's transportation system for the next 25 years. The MTP is one of the MPO's Core Products.  Work on Commitment 2045 began in December 2017, the process was split into two phases of outreach. Prior to its adoption, MPO staff hit the ground running, hosting e-townhalls, going to multiple municipalities throughout Broward gathering feedback from the community, and engaging through social media. Projects included as part of Commitment 2045 can be completed in as little as six years, depending on funding availability. For more information on Commitment 2045, please visit, Commitment2045.org

Think Like A Planner

As part of our outreach to engage students, the Broward MPO regularly hosts "Think Like a Planner" workshops, with high school students, where students learn about MPOs and the transportation planning process.  Since it's conception, Think Like A Planner has expanded to local middle schools. The Think Like A Planner workshop span over three days. It kicks off with visits from MPO staff to students at their school, they receive an "MPO 101" crash course and learn about transportation planning using "StreetMix" software. On the last day of the workshop, students visit the Broward MPO office and walk around the Cypress Creek Mobility Hub, examining the area and its safety and access. Finally, students present their findings on improving all modes of transportation in the Cypress Creek area to elected officials and transportation professionals. Over 250 Broward County students have participated in Think Like A Planner workshops since 2016.

Traveling Tradeshow Booth

The MPO is on tour! Be on the lookout for our traveling booths, with information about the MPO and bike safety, in libraries and community centers across Broward.

Stay Involved

Our mission is to continue engaging the public in new and creative ways so that your voice is heard  We want you to stay involved with us! Check the calendar for upcoming events, visit the Speak Up Broward FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages, and check our homepage for the latest news and updates.

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For More Information

Please contact Anthea Thomas at thomasa@browardmpo.org or (954) 876-0034 to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.