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The Broward MPO 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan identified the Hollywood Boulevard / State Road 7 area as a Mobility Hub. The Broward MPO allocated funding for a Mobility Hub Master Plan and construction of Mobility Hub improvements.

The Master Plan will produce site-specific work to further the Mobility Hub planning, design and implementation at the intersection and vicinity of Hollywood Boulevard and State Road 7. The Master Plan will define the investment of MPO funds on Mobility Hub improvements that complement the roadway improvements by the Florida Department of Transportation District 4 (FDOT), and right-of-way acquisitions by FDOT and the City of Hollywood.

Currently, FDOT is widening State Road 7 from four to six lanes, with a completion date of Spring of 2018 for roadway, bicycle, pedestrian and transit improvements. The MPO is working with FDOT and the City of Hollywood to implement mobility projects in the area.

Study Documents

Hollywood Boulevard/State Road 7 Mobility Hub Workshop Presentation - June 29, 2017

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Master Plan Overview DRAFT

Planning Context DRAFT

Market Analysis DRAFT