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Municipal Surtax Services News & Updates

Surtax Flyer December Meeting

Municipal Surtax Workshop Project Prioritization Criteria Presentation (October 23, 2019) - Click here to view the presentation

Click here for the Workshop Audio 

At the October 23, 2019, Municipal Surtax Workshop, the following Municipal Surtax Project Prioritization Criteria was established:

WORKSHOP Surtax Criteria 2019-10-23 Established Criteria

 October 23 Municipal Surtax Criteria Workshop

Other Upcoming Meetings:

Updates will be provided at the November 14, 2019, MPO Board meeting.

Municipal Surtax Services Workhop #3 will be held on November 20, 2019, at 9:00 a.m.

Updates will be provided at the November 20, 2019, TAC & CAC meetings.

Municipal Surtax Services "One-on-One" Project Review Meeting Schedule:

1 on 1 Meeting Schedule for Website

Please direct your questions to the following staff: