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Each year, the Broward MPO Board adopts the Federal and State Legislative Priorities list. This document guides the MPO’s political engagement efforts in both Tallahassee and Washington. The MPO actively participates with both national and state advocacy organizations such as the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), Transportation For America, and the Florida MPO Advisory Council (MPOAC) to advocate for additional funding to help advance the transportation goals of the MPO and the entire Broward region. Please check this page regularly for legislative updates.

Legislative Initiatives setting a vision to the future  Legislative Initiatives setting a vision to the future side 2


On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) into law. The FAST Act is the first multi-year transportation bill passed by Congress in over a decade, and includes increases in funding for several programs vital to the Broward MPO and its mission. The FAST Act authorizes funding for five years, until 2020. This increased funding (in the form of both grants and formula funding) will allow the MPO to plan additional projects to help keep Broward moving. Please click below for more information on the FAST Act.

State of Florida Legislative Updates

The Broward MPO engages with state and local partners to further the MPO Board's goals at the state level in Tallahassee. The Florida MPO Advisory Committee (MPOAC) provides weekly updates on transportation related bills in the Florida legislature. Please click on the links below for more information.


Federal Advocacy/Local Contribution Funding

When the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) legislation was authorized in 2012, the State of Florida and the Broward region saw a substantial reduction in Surface Transportation Funding while other metropolitan regions around the nation saw funding increases. This prompted the MPO Board to seek options that address the funding shortfall while remaining a competitive MPO in the region. In June 2013, the MPO Board approved an optional five-cent-per-capita local contribution to use for Board approved advocacy purposes.

Using the proceeds from this local contribution, the MPO entered into an agreement with Holland and Knight, LLP in January of 2014 to provide Federal Advocacy Services to the Broward MPO for the Broward region in Washington D.C. This contract was renewed by the Board in June 2017. The Holland and Knight team has been working to advance the Broward MPO's legislative priorities and to generate support for enhanced funds for transportation projects for the Broward MPO. The team has been providing monthly legislative briefings to the MPO Board's Executive Committee, in addition to providing written monthly reports. These monthly reports can be found at the links below. The Broward MPO's federal and state legislative priorities can be found below as well.

For More Information

Please contact Paul Calvaresi at calvaresip@browardmpo.org or (954) 876-0037 to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.